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Crew Site Up!
Jun 1, 09 8:48 PM
Welcome to Dead Navy!

Welcome to the Dead Navy online crew page! Any events we are planning or YOU want to plan should be posted here. If you aren't part of the crew, then this is the wrong page! If you are part of the crew but you aren't a member of the website, no worries! Just contact me in game!

Crew Site Up!

InvisoYPP, Jun 1, 09 8:48 PM.
FINALLY! We have been planning a crew site but have been holding off on it due to small-ness of active members! But ho-ho-ho! Dead Navy is back in the game! We're here to bring the FUN back to Hunter!

In semi-unrelated news we had a very successful pilly on the MB yesterday! We hope to soon have several more ships as the stalls are doing a less-then-expected job at netting us income. Hopefully in the near future we can open up an Estate Casino to solve all these problems! ;)
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