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Patch 3.2 is HERE!
Aug 4, 09 8:36 AM
Uld Group One and Two signups
Aug 3, 09 2:23 PM
Site to look at BEFORE you accept invites for Ulduar
Aug 3, 09 7:59 AM
Amazing results so far!
Aug 2, 09 6:06 PM
New Start
Jun 2, 09 10:37 PM
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Welcome To AfterDark,

the guild for raiders, run by raiders

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Patch 3.2 is HERE!

Shadoew-Kara, Aug 4, 09 8:36 AM.

hot off the press, the rumour-mill has stated that patch 3.2 went live this morning on the american servers!

There is a shedload of game changes in this patch, not least the new content, thats a new 5man, 10 amn and 25man dungeon!

You need gear, and you need skill for this guys!

I will be updating the Raidplanner accordingly to add in this content on top of Ulduar.

Its time to get busy ppl, it really is!

Oh, and as an aside, the old emblem system will be gone, which means i want everyone when able to start hitting the HC's as hard and fast as your able, getting emblems of conquest and triumph is a feat thats too good to pass up, we can get our dirty mittens on T8 and 9 gear with never a foot stepping in raids! Take advantage of this, there should not be any excuses for low gear within the next two weeks!

come on ppl, this is the ez mode ppl have feared, but it can give us the boost and the edge we need to rele start pwning Ulduar and beyond!

Uld Group One and Two signups

Shadoew-Kara, Aug 3, 09 2:23 PM.
Ok, its time, we have the ppl and the skill. Its time to get some established raiding groups for our Uld runs.

Applying for the groups does not guarantee a place, Group one will be a fairly calculate decision on best heals, attendance, threat management and DPS etc.

Please leave a comment to be considered for the group composition :-


Site to look at BEFORE you accept invites for Ulduar

Shadoew-Kara, Aug 3, 09 7:59 AM.

I would ideally like anyone who considers themself a raider (99.9% of this guild i hope ;) ) to spend a little time here, watch the videos and absorb the comments. I dont expect EVERYONE to have the fights down in their minds verbatim, but to make real progress, a little dedication and a lot of focus will be needed. Having high DPS, amazing heals is nice, but there are not that many enrage fights in Ulduar, so all that high DPS does for me as a raid-leader and OT is put me under pressure threat-wise, and generally have additional shouts (hold DPS etc) during the encounters.

So, all be nice, learn what u can, and lets keep up the momentum set in Sundays Uld run and continue along at a brisk pace, downing new bosses, and all haivng fun


Amazing results so far!

Shadoew-Kara, Aug 2, 09 6:06 PM.
Ok, so a quick thankyou to everyone who has joined and been patient about getting ourselves to where we want to be.

the first step was taken tonight, we entered Uld 10 as a guild, and we rocked.

A new boss down, very few wipes and tbh one of the nicest atmospheres ive been lucky enough to experience for quite some time,

going forward? more of the same pls!

Tuesday will have us once more downing Kologarn, big santa-imitating lout that he is, and then  making a sortee against the Iron Council which by-and-large we all know the tactics for now. Please to save time wasted durign raids, if u know your coming along on Tuesday, watch the Tankspot video BEFOREHAND. Also, if possible, Robster, a new recruit (previously GM of DILLIGAF - nice bloke) will be joining us, and leading us throw downing Auriya, something i look forward to with great relish. So, our first week back in the raiding chair and we already have one new boss down (take that ignis!) and in realistic terms, a good chance at downing another, possibly two.

Lets keep up the good work, the high energy and the fun :D

Viva La Progress!!!!

New Start

Shadoew-Kara, Jun 2, 09 10:37 PM.
Welcome All:-

Firslty, i would like to welcome you all now to, AfterDark.

I will make this short, as I know not all of you enjoy reading my fine meanderings quite as much as others ;)


The guild is remarkably simple, and has one core aim, regular no hassle raids.

If you want to raid, and still have a life, this guild is most likely for you.

Core tenets of the guild are simple, you'll likely fall into one of 2 categories:

1) have ambitions to enter Ulduar, but currently lacking either gear or raiding experience. For these ppl we will be doing guild 10man runs in naxx, and guild-pugs of Naxx 25.

2) your geared and champing at the bit to get into Ulduar and start making progress. Again, you can always hop on the naxx runs also, but predominantly, Uld is your focus. Uld 10 raiding is very much harder and more focused than Naxx, some commitment is required, and the groups need to know how each members work and play to synergize properly and get results.

For the Future?

Well, to start with i have a few aims:

1) get fixed roster of ppl of a like mind - They want to raid, no slacking, everyone contributes and works together.

2) Once we have a firm body of member (15-20 that CAN b online when required) then we can fill in the blanks, ie missing tanks, healers, ranged etc.

3) on an irregular basis, start progress in 25man Uld -  The ideal start i feel for us is to have 2 groups for Uld 10, which can join together with additional members to form one 25man raid. This wont be a regular weekly thing, not for a while, we NEED to focus on gearing and progressing through 10man as a priority, but i do not want us to forget or neglect 25mans. every other week or once per 3 should b ok, its a matter fo trial and error.

Ok, enough from me for a news post, welcome all and i hope we can all work together to make this successful and bring back the elements of the game we enjoy.

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