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Welcome Knights new and returning!! While many of our ls mates choose to run with us socially the site is mostly for those wanting more, for points and planning of events. I hope we can provide you with the things you're looking for in a fair and fun environment and if there's some thing you need feel free to drop us a line about it.  

Up to the Minute

What the hell is goin on!!!!!!!!!!

Kiroo1, Jun 27, 10 9:00 PM.
        Some of you I'm sure have wondered where on earth I've been on what the hell is happening with the shell. Wonder no longer; I have ot quit the game and I have not given up on our shell. I have in fact taken on a new job that has been incredibly time consuming. I'm a For man on the  oil spill clean up that has struck the southern states. I there has been alot of daily changes and soon i'll be able to stop my 3 hour a day commute 3 cities away to reach our staging point. Aside from running the updates, it's been sleep work and eat, nothing else. 

        The time away from game has come at a fortunate time, many of you have alot of personal character building to do with the level inreases. Work on this and hold your resolve. I will be getting all points updated ASAP and the minute I can work out somthing with my officers or bring myself back to lead events personally things will resume. How long will this take? Honestly, another week or 2. I don;t intend to let the shell fall apart. Consider this a test of what we are made of. Those still with us at the end will reap the rewards.
        Dys has lost all my support around the house so she is limited in play time availability. She is keeping my informed on the goings of the shell. if you have any questions feel free to contact her. I will be on an hour here or there look forwrd to seeing you all again.

Divine Might!!

Kiroo1, May 4, 10 9:36 PM.
Many of you have put in some hard work to blaze thru sky almost over night. It was not over looked. There is more reward than just being able to go to sky events. These earrings await you! The only thing standing in your way is a battle of champions! That's right our shell vs. the 5 crystal warriors in a royal rumble that i still vividly remember years later. Our hearts go out to Nealathan who is tending to an injured family member. When he returns we'll set a date, probably a saturday or sunday many of you have been able to show to missions on those days.

Sky High!! Launch!!

Kiroo1, May 4, 10 9:17 PM.
        Last night was our 1st venture as an LS to sky, we had a sudden rocky start but boy did we ever rock the house!! I was extremely happy with the level of competence shown by all who attended. We over came the obstacle known as Despot with strategy and I believe our future bouts with him will be much easier.  Zapa,BB and Steam Cleaner also went down at our hands. a fever nice success for the 1st run. 

        I want to thank you all for your patience with me. I'm a dreamer, I'm an adventurist, and I learn quickly. But truth be told before last night I'd never lead a run of my own. I just recently completed my maps to sky so I was adding map markers as we went to help me remember where everything was. I've been apart of successful, elitist sky shell and an uncoordinated shady shell before feeling the need to take things into my own hands. I found it sad to see how poorly shells treat their members not realizing that it's the people who make those leaders anything apart from another player on the server. I want everyone to be happy, have trust in the shell's Guardians, a have a sense if ongoing progression as the weeks and months go on. Everyone here who works for it deserves the armor and weapons they acquire and desire. My desire for us to succede is actually selfish in nature; if you all succede I succede.
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