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Guild Charter
 Seven is a guild founded on one basic principle and that is to have fun.
We all know this is just a game, but to many it is a very integral part of their life.
We strive to help nurture this by helping to foster a community of friends and companions  that work together to achieve the most important goal of all, having fun.
To this end we have established a few rules to assist us in this goal.

Your first 90 days you are on a trial period, show us your best and maintain that behavior after the 90 days too. :)

Begging in any form will not be tolerated. This includes mainly PL and Money but any form of begging will be dealt with. Please remember we are here to have fun. Do not be a jerk to your fellow players. That includes those outside the guild and in our alliance. If you do not think it will get back to us you are wrong. It has happened before and will not be tolerated.

Also, the website is a way and a means of communicating. Please keep it positive and clean. If you have a specific comment about a fellow guildie then you can either A: Take it to tells or B: Have one of the officers to help out in the disagreement. Do not post an @post on this website. It is not the vn boards and if any of the officers see a post like that it will be immediately removed and you will receive a warning. This website and /as chat is a privilege if you choose to abuse either, then that privilege will be revoked. Remember you guys all represent our guild and we have a good upstanding reputation and we want to keep it that way. Also, profanity in guild chat or /as chat will get you a warning, we do have slipups from time to time, but we dont like to warn twice. :)

The vaults in the guild house are for everyone to use, but we ask that once you are done using an item, please return it to the vault for someone else to use. Any selling or salvaging of items from the vault is considered stealing and you will be removed from the guild immediately.

We are a rapidly growing guild and we welcome players of any level. All of the officers remember being a low level character and realize how much a strong guild can help a budding player along and make them into a valuable asset to the DAOC community, our alliance,and our guild. We hope that you enjoy your time as a member of Seven and ask that you do all that you can to help others enjoy it as well.

                                                                                 The GM and Officers of Seven

Code Of Conduct

1. Guild
2. Realm
3. Class
4. Self

Guild: First and foremost, we expect you to be devoted to the Guild. What this means
is that you will help your fellow guildmates in times of need before you would help
any others. We like to think of ourselves as a family, our Guild is very close and in
order to keep it this way we need a lot of involvement from every player. So as the
code states at the top, Guild is number one and should be so for everyone. We understand there are circumstances that no one can help, and those are understandable but in order to stay around we must know that you have good intentions with the guild and that you are as devoted as the rest are that really want to be here. If one of our guildies is in trouble and you are close or can help we expect that of you, and that we think this not so much to ask. After all what is the point in having a Guild if you cannot rely on them for the protection you deserve.

Realm: Second and less important then the Guild but still up there in the grand scheme of things is our Realm, our home, our country. We expect members of our Guild to protect our realm to the best of their abilities. This means if we have word that we are being attacked and our relics are being compromised (which will lower our stats if taken from our realm) we need to be there killing, dying, healing, and casting. This World is all
about power and he who controls the relics controls the World. So with our assistance to those who need it our realm mates and our brothers and sisters we will have the power to take what we want when we want it. Our guild should play a major role in this for we are not weak and no one should say we are by our actions or by our talk. Be strong and defend but remember Guild first.

Class: Next comes your class these people although part of our realm and perhaps our guild should come before others of a different class. The reason being is that those players that are of your class have a bond with you that you will have with none other. They know what you have gone through and what you will have to overcome to be the strongest you can be. These friends might just be able to help you when no one else seems to be able to. Therefore we will protect our own before we go out on a limb to help another. This reasoning is fairly to understand and there shouldn't be to may problems adhering to this.

Self: Last but not least after all else fails or succeeds we will take care of ourselves.
Obstruction Of Justice, for those of you who do not know is a guild without fear, we care not if we die, we laugh in the face of challenges but everyone has to feel this way and be willing to go out on a limb to have fun, learn, or help. You are important to us being part of the guild so let us worry about you and you worry about us then the circle of trust shall be complete and the guild will become stronger than any. Just remember that no one can take what we have and if they care to try we will stand together. Worry not of yourself but of what we can do together.

Live with Honor or Die with Honor


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