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Forums : Events > Protégé Ceremony for Mindeey Do'Katal
Antu Skydancer (Officer) 1/21/2010 12:22 AM EST : Protégé Ceremony for Mindeey Do'Katal
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Antu Skydancer
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Feir'Dal heralds decked in red and pink attire walk about the streets of Qeynos and Kelethin proclaiming the following message.

Oyez! Oyez!

Be it here known that Her Excellency, Ravafea Antu Skydancer, Baroness of the Court of Abominable Duckies, Mistress of the Bardic Arts, Champion of Antonia and of the Queen of Love, shall on the evening of [Thursday 21 January 2010] at [midnight EST] call forth witnesses and emissaries to her court to bear witnesses to Her will. To wit: to determine whether Mindeey Do'Katal, daughter of Elmindeeya Do'Katal, the Emerald Bard, be fit to serve as her protégé.

Her Excellency invites all peoples of good intent both noble and common to the Court of Abominable Duckies (8 Erollisi Lane, South Qeynos, under the name of Antu) to bear witness to the trial and subsequent solemn ceremony.

((So, yeah, I know the time's a little odd, but what do you expect from Antu. I'm gonna work on scripting as much of the event as possible in advance in order to keep the ceremony to about an hour max. This is the follow-up event to The Trial of Mindeey Do'Katal. If you want to see the wacky world of the Court of Abominable Duckies, feel free to come on by. If you're a baddy who's interested, come in disguise or you will be considered to be there OOC.))


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