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What a long strange trip it's been.

I can't imagine why you're here now, but the important part is that you are.  This group has been lost and re-kindled dozens of times.  The founders of Fantasy's Requiem (Grayhame, Hesseth, Daku, Geuce, Macros/Arent and myself) have all but vanished since we first pooled our gil to purchase this pearlsac.  Grayhame and myself are still here, and occasionally you'll see Daku wandering around...levelling, and de-levelling his taru blm ;).

If you're looking for lost faces, or trying to find that spark that once kept you interested in the game, you're welcome to stop and stay awhile.  I don't frequent the LS anymore myself, but it still exists, and your pearls will still allow you access (if you haven't dropped them, that is.)  With enough call, I might be convinced to one day bring it out of storage and dust it off.  Until then, however, feel free to request membership to this guild page, and re-connect with your old colleagues.  It would be great to hear from you once more.

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