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Ernool (SuperAdmin) 2/16/2010 1:29 AM EST : Rules of the Guild
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These rules apply for all three guilds. The officers are welcome to post their own additions for the various guilds below.

Please note that you AND your characters must be aged 18 or older to join our guild. There are no exceptions.

Respect - We are to treat all persons within and without our guild with respect. This means that, even if you dislike a player's choice of race, class, background, etc, that you will treat them as you yourself would like to be treated. If you cannot deal with someone outside the guild respectfully, then just remove yourself from their presence. If you cannot deal with someone inside the guild, then it needs to be brought to an officer's attention.

We Roleplay - We are an Everquest RP guild, which means that we should respect everyone's right to play their character and to develop their storylines. That said, we must always respect people's OOC issues. Please be succint in explaining your character's background. We are here to have fun, so you have no right to stomp on what someone finds 'fun' if it's perfectly reasonable.

Honor Always - Disruptive begging, unfair crafting practices, exploiting game mechanics, using "bots", Ninja-ing loot, and any other form of unfair behavior to gain an advantage is strictly prohibited. There is no compromise on this point.

Disruptive Behavior - An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, and arguing will result in removal from the guild. This is not to say that you cannot complain, as the keyword is excessive. However, when it affects guild morale or cohesiveness you are being excessive. This does include any complaints about another member within any public channel whether voice or text. You will receive a cautionary warning first, and if that behavior continues you will be booted from the guild.

Powerlevelling Policy - Although we often hunt together as a group for fun and fellowship, we are not a powerlevelling guild. Assistant is often freely offered but never to be expected or demanded. The Maiden's Fancy hunts together because we like to, but at times other priorities may be forefront. You are responsible for your own grouping needs for questing, leveling, or instances.

Be Friendly - We are a non-elitist guild and all our hunts are open to all
members who are of an appropriate level. We encourage guild fellowship through
respectful discussion in guild chat as well as the inclusion of others in
activities. This encourages fellowship as well as helps guildmates train their
class for much tougher group content.

No Cliques - We will not allow special cliques to form within the guild. Everyone in the guild should get to know all of the other guild members, and be equally helpful to all of them. For balanced grouping purposes, during any planned guild group nights, groups may be reformed so that everyone is helped. This does not say that you cannot have alone time nor does this say that you cannot hang out with just your friends, but it means that frequent exclusion will not be tolerated.

Crafting policy - Crafters are on hand to provide a variety of goods. However, common courtesy should be shown, such as making a requests with enough time for crafters to get to you as well as offering thanks and/or tips to honor their effort and time.

Public Face - Guild voice chat, guild rp chat, and guild text chat is not to be abused. The Maiden's Fancy is a rated R guild, so please keep your X rated discussions out of the public channels. Even if you are close to someone and they have no issue with naughtier dialogue, some of our members may have issue with it so it should not happen. The following are the purposes of the four guild channels available to all members.

  • (Text) /Maidensooc - This is a channel designed for our members to speak with
    friends who are outside of the guild. Similar to our guild channel, any topics can
    be discussed here and others are allowed to advertise their venues within this
    channel. (Rated R for content)
  • (Text) /MFGuild - We do have an rp channel and upon joining you will be told the correct address. Feel free to rp in this channel. However rp in this channel must maintain the rated R rating. If we do have a "mature rp" channel, that will be given only to members in good standing.
  • (Text) /Guild - This is an OOC channel for only guildmates to use. Please
    congratulate each other for our successes, request or thank people for help in your
    questing, or just chit-chat about everyday things for our guild. However, always be
    respectful. You will NOT use this channel to attack another member's ideas,
    character, or personality regardless of rank. (Rated R for content)
  • (Voice) /Guild - This is also OOC and works similarly to the text version. Once
    again however, you will NOT use this channel to attack another member's ideas,
    character, or personality regardless of rank. (Rated R for content)

Follow the EULA and the Fair Play Policy - Simply put, you will follow the EULA at all times. If Sony Online Entertainment deems that something is not allowed, then you will not do it. Your actions reflect upon the guild as a whole, so you should act accordingly.

**Rated R for content: According to the MPAA, Rated R content has soeme adult material. Discussion may include adult themes, hard language, and describe sexual nudity. However, depictions of sex or sexual activity should be kept in private channels.


As an officer you are expected to follow these simple rules.

Availability - As a sworn in officer, you are expected to be available at least three nights a week. To facilitate this, your main will be placed in "management" and your alts will be placed in "supervisors". Management will be listed as a guild recruiter and supervisors may be listed the same at the officer's discretion. If you are unprepared for the time and work dedication, then you are free to step down.

Impartiality - As an officer, you cannot act unfairly towards any guild member. For this reason, favoritism will NOT be tolerated among officers and there will never be a situation where you will be allowed to judge on a matter that you are personally involved in. Additionally, you are not allowed to exclude any guildmate  without contacting another officer or the guildleader to help resolve any dispute that may cause exclusionary action. If you feel that you cannot function within the guild, than it is encouraged that you move to a non-guilded alt or that you simply logout.

Maturity - We are officers of an rp guild and that means that we have to be willing to handle ourselves and the storylines that others may bring. Additionally, you must be willing to and able to show appropriate and adaptive behavior at all times. This means that if a guildmate expresses that a certain line of dialogue upsets them, then it is our responsibility to avoid such. Additionally, if a guild mate or we, ourselves, are having issues, then we must ~NEVER~ air out these problems in public channels. We must handle issues in private, with one-on-one interviews for fact checking followed by a group meeting as appropriate. Though these issues will be discussed in a monthly news letter posting.

Justice - As officers, we are the first line of defense for any problems that arise. In keeping with the maturity policy we will not discuss issues in public channels. An officer will take the time to speak to everyone who is involved in the issue and then a group meeting will be called if deemed appropriate. You must remain impartial at all times during this process, if you cannot for a specific reason (you're involved, a close friend is affected), then you'll be asked to not take part in the discussion. It is assumed that these instances will be rare.

Fun - We are officers in a guild of a game. Never lose sight that games are supposed to be fun. If you are not having fun then something is going wrong and you must figure out why. If a guildmate is not having fun, then it is our responsibility to try and figure out why. If being an officer becomes work for a prolonged period of time, then it is time to step down and let someone else step up. There is no shame in this and the break will likely end up easing a lot of people, yourself included.
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