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Ancient Travellers
Feb 28, 09 4:03 AM
A big slap on the back for us all.
Nov 5, 08 10:15 PM
Guild D I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Oct 18, 08 12:50 AM
Guild Hall
Oct 15, 08 9:17 AM
Ancient Travellers 2nd BBQ
Sep 4, 08 7:47 AM
Welcome fellow travellers. Ancient Travellers are a Level 75 guild, of friends and familly. Guild Hall located in South Qeynos. We are a mature bunch always willing to help others with a full contingent of tradeskillers to supply you if you need things made. If you fancy joining in the fun leave us an introduction message on the forums. Or contact any Ancient Travellers member in game, or send an email to me at EQ2CLORM@NTLWORLD.COM

Leader of Ancient Travellers

clorm, Feb 28, 09 4:03 AM.
Well we plodding along and finally made  Guild Level 69. Well done guys

A big slap on the back for us all.

clorm, Nov 5, 08 10:15 PM.
A bit thanks and Gratz to all that are doing writs for the guild. (An especially big one to Jezabella and Alabasta) The guild dinged level 67 last night, 13 levels to go.
A big thanks also goes out to Mossy who is generating quite alot of cash for the guild through sales of the excess harvestables coming in from the Guild Harvesters.
Another thank you also to Paralanon who is leading us through the alliance raids, to which we now are doing once a week. We are going from strength to strength.

Guild D I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

clorm, Oct 18, 08 12:50 AM.
A big Gratz to us all on dinging 66. Only 14 more levels to go.

Guild Hall

clorm, Oct 15, 08 9:17 AM.
Ancient Travellers now have a large guild hall located in South Qeynos. For those who have not visited yet its located just west of the North Qeynos zone gate in South Qeynos. All senior members and above have Trustee right giving them rihts to drop things into the hall. Please fill her up!!! Mamala making furniture as I go but need alot more items as there is a lot of space to fill.

A massive THANK YOU to all that has chipped in to help buy/obtain amenties for the hall.


Ancient Travellers 2nd BBQ

clorm, Sep 4, 08 7:47 AM.
Ok don't all agree at once I have been slacking. What with the summer hols and work I never got around to add some BBQ piccies.

Well thanks to Ruth (Alabasta) we had a wonderful time at the 2nd annual BBQ held. Alabasta, Mossy, Jean,  Edim, Celeborne, Skoobi, Celly, Ayanu, Golalan and myself (Clorm) in attendance. Good food good drink (hic) and some good music being heard from the living rooms WII guitar hero. (Well we were told it was good :) )

Thanks again Ruth a job well done :)

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