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Voice Chat Is Here
May 16, 09 8:52 PM
Voice Server for COF
May 16, 09 1:29 AM
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Welcome to the Church Of Funk!!!

First I'd like to start off by telling you about the guild. We are a guild built with a bunch of relaxed, down to earth people. We are a growing guild, and we base our guild on helping others and having a good time in the World of Warcraft. I'd also like to thank our guild leader Senasth for putting together such a great guild, and our great helpful officers, and of course all of our wonderful guildies for without you we would not be a guild and without your hard work would not be doing as well as we are.

Second, we are working and checking up on our site daily, and are in the process of putting together calendar days which involve helping the lower levels with what they need help with. Also, donation day where we put more effort into putting into the guild to help us grow and help all the guildies along with a battlegrounds day where we all get together and do some pvp's together to get some more experience for those new to pvp, and to expand the talents of our already great pvpers.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us ingame and if we are not available please do contact us through here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. And if you come accross here and feel like this is your kind of guild and feel like this is a place for you feel free to apply and try to get ahold of us ingame. Other than that, have fun and enjoy the hard work we all put into the guild and the game. FOR THE HORDE!!!!!
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Voice Chat Is Here

Senasth, May 16, 09 8:52 PM.
To view a step by step picture diagram of how to set up your own Voice Chat, check out the Members Only Discussion on the forums page. There you will see a step by step graphic that will explain how to get your own voice chat set up and how to aceesss the CoF's chatroom. There are may rooms to fit your wow'ing needs.

Voice Server for COF

thorkkjenkins, May 16, 09 1:29 AM.
We are currently working on a voice server for those who'd rather chat than type, it will consist of multiple rooms like raids, bg's, questing, and just a regular chat room. We will let you know when this wonderful attribute comes into affect.
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