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The Homeland of Falling Angels       aka  })FA


                                        }Falling Angels}
                                                                    Currently Recruiting

Are you Looking for a guild?  Step inside and Pull up a chair! 
Here at the Falling Angels we are proud to say that we are willing to Let those of both Young faced or even those of the Grey Haired Adventurer's Ride with us as we endulge ourselves in the old world and Outlands

We encourage those that are interested in Raiding or those that are just casual adventurers to Ride along side the rest of the Falling Angels.
As a New Recruit of Our Fellowship what is expected is simple, we'd want you to be Happy & Comfortable with the Guild and with our Guild's rules.,

If your Interested in Joining our Beloved Fellowship then catch the ear of an Officer ingame on Kargath US Server:

If you should need them., Step-by-Step details on the application Process are available.  {Make sure you agree with Guild Charter before you apply}

When registering on this website please use your in-game character name.  If you do not the registration process could take a much longer time as we would have to try to match the name your registering and your in-game character name.  (Be advised that if no match is made promptly your application will be denied).

If you are waiting to hear about the status of your application, Do not forget to check mail Sublink.

Falling Angels is a Family Orientated RAIDING Guild On Kargath server US realm of World Of Warcraft, and was founded on the Principles of Fun, Friendships, and cooperation within it's walls of Justice. and over all relieving everyone from the Stresses of Daily Life.
It's Just a game and we intend to make EVERY ADVENTURE enjoyable for everyone who Ride along side the Falling Angels. 

We encourage all members to group - both in the guild and in our alliance - but we don't Coerce anyone to do this; Solo or Duo players are welcome., Primarily we encourage everyone to enjoy the game and have fun, respect Everyone Both in the guild and Outside the guild. It's Just a game!! =)

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Dragcan, May 14, 09 2:39 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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