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***We welcome all players that want to be part of our online family to contact our officers to learn more about our kin.  You may also post in the introduction section on our forums.  Tell us a little bit about yourself: How long have you been playing, what other online games have you played, how old are you, what are you looking for in a kin, what are your goals in this game (raiding, ranking in the moors, etc).  Also, please list any questions you have for us and what character you would like to be contacted on.***

The Order of the Crimson Cross is a kinship for good-natured, helpful players looking to make the best of their experience with Lord of the Rings Online on the Silverlode server.  The kinship was founded in Combe in March of 2008.  We have established a home in the Restoke district of the Bree-Lands housing neighborhood. 

We focus our efforts on helping each other progress through the content of the game.  We enjoy both the high-end instances as well as revisiting the low lever instances and epic book chain for new players.  Fellowships can be hard to find at certain level ranges, and we strive to help new players experience those rich areas of the game.  We also work cooperatively to help every member progress through crafting tiers.  Our experienced crafters are often willing to supply well-crafted gear to players as well. 

We are a very casual style kinship.  We do not require that members play every day or a certain number of hours per week.  Our goal is to have fun and enjoy our time on LOTRO as much as possible.  This is a game after all!
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I don't know what we're yelling about
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I don't know what we're yelling about
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