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State of the Guild
May 10, 09 4:33 AM
Mission Statement

To build a community of WOWers that enjoy playing the game and would like to be part of organizing special events, raids, and instances to improve the experience of playing the game. We intend to create structured rules of conduct and promotional decisions without adding unnecessary rules. Gameplay and guildplay should be a rewarding experience to help players get the most out of WOW.

We intend to be organized and become a well respected guild community because of the quality of our members, not the quantity. Membership totals and participation requirements still need to be decided by founding members, but the goals and requirements for each will be clearly documented.
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State of the Guild

seanpoling, May 10, 09 4:33 AM.
State of the Guild

Or should that be Start of the Guild? Thank you for checking out the Gits and Shiggles guild webpage! This is a brand new guild that we are trying to start. We hope to be one of the few successful 1% of guilds that make it through the three year mark. We intend to do this by setting out clear guild organization and rules without writing books and creating a set of unenforceable regulations.

Since we are a new guild there will be a little time before we are up to speed. So if you are looking for a guild with a 200 user base, this is not a great place to start right now. But if you're looking to get in early with a group of users that are trying to bring fun to guildplay in addition to gameplay then you should come aboard!

Until the first set of Officers are selected there will not be a Guild Officer Meeting. I am currently working on getting the guild charter set up at this time. In the future this topic will be updated with a statement of the health of the guild and any major rule changes or discussion points from the Guild Officer Meeting.
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