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siege of lost mines
Jan 10, 10 3:50 PM
Thursdays ta.
Jan 8, 10 5:32 PM
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Welcome to the Zerowing website.
we are a group of players of the game rappelz that just love to have fun. if you want to join us pm saarrin in game on the yeti server.

siege of lost mines

zerowingrappelz, Jan 10, 10 3:50 PM.
well we lost. depressing.. yes, frustrating... also yes. however let us remember this alliance is still young, we are still learning to work with each other. of course it didn't help we were severely out leveled. though we have been victims of other guilds hiring out help to siege against us, we will not do such a thing we will siege with our power and one day we will win. thanks to all who showed, we will have our revenge.

Thursdays ta.

zerowingrappelz, Jan 8, 10 5:32 PM.
thanks to those who showed for the ta. we actually did pretty well under 5 minutes in lm, even with the few dc's and primal hiding on us. i still have no idea if we won, but i will shout it on site if we did as soon as game comes back up.
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