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Bearded Badasses
Absent Leader and 1st officer
Feb 13, 10 2:20 PM
New Officers & Return of Eli!
Sep 28, 09 5:13 PM
ADQ Final Reflagging
Aug 31, 09 6:35 PM
Aces over Kings BAN!
Jul 27, 09 8:33 PM
MOD 9 recruiting
Jul 27, 09 5:20 PM
Recruiting will be re-opening starting September 1st per MOD9. Officers meeting regarding recruiting specifics will be held prior to opening. Prepare yourselves, we will be growing vastly!!
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All Hail The Bearded Badasses!

This is the official site for the best damn guild in Argo, The Bearded Badasses! Our guild was started almost 2 years ago, and totally as a joke. We decided to become an "official" guild when we noticed people wanting to run with us on a regular basis. We now have over 50 members and more than 250 toons and are growing every day. Our core values are: play the game to have fun, and no political BS! We are an 18 and older guild that has very competent players and experienced officers. You'll never forget your run with us!

Absent Leader and 1st officer

pimpbot420, Feb 13, 10 2:20 PM.
Hey there guildies! Just wanted to fill you all in about the recent break that myself and Vapi have taken from DDO. We are LONG time players of this game, and we both enjoy it very much. However, as of late, the influx of N00BS to this game are destroying it. No longer can you put together a PUG and trust that the cleric will heal you, or the caster will throw haste etc. I am not having fun playing anymore, and that is the bottom line. My account has gone F2P and so has Vapi's. We will still come join you guys for raids and guild related activities. This has nothing to do with any of you, and I still feel you guys are the best players this game has. I am so very proud of this guild and it is difficult to just leave it behind. Leadership well, as of now, remain with me. However, an interim leader will be named very soon. LONG LIVE BB!!

New Officers & Return of Eli!

pimpbot420, Sep 28, 09 5:13 PM.
Congrats to Jodaddy and Death for their promotions to Officer. We know you'll represent us well. Keep it up! Also, we are thrilled to welcome back Eli (Myys) to our guild. She is a founding member and helped put us on the map from the start. Welcome home Eli!!

ADQ Final Reflagging

hewhowalks-behindtherows, Aug 31, 09 6:35 PM.
If anyone is interested in getting flagged forever for adq contact vapid..and i will run you through the flagging quests..if not your loss..i plan to be running this raid on regular basis as soon as they are done installing this mod(never)...cya in the game enjoy your break...plop

Aces over Kings BAN!

pimpbot420, Jul 27, 09 8:33 PM.
After continuous complaints and repeated acts of poor sportsmanship from Handee Smurf (guild leader of AOK) Bearded Badasses are banning ANY running with AOK. DO NOT let ANYONE from Aces over Kings join your LFM's, and if invited by a member from that guild, decline. They are not welcome in our groups or any sister guild groups.

MOD 9 recruiting

pimpbot420, Jul 27, 09 5:20 PM.
Hello guildies!  We have all been anxiously awaiting MOD 9, and September 1st is coming real soon.  As you can see, we will be opening recruiting following the new MOD.  This will be a great opportunity for us to get some new players into the guild, and help newbies become acclimated to the game.  Helping others through the game will not only encourage play and help bring players to the game, but will set us apart from all the "other" guilds on our server.  I will be promoting some of the more experienced players to help recruiting move smoothly.  Your leader asks for patience and decorum from all of our officers while bringing up new toons. This is our chance to shine in Argo.  Long live BB!! 
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