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Recent weeks
Jun 24, 09 10:59 AM
Great Night Last Night!
May 29, 09 9:34 AM
Ulduar and Malygos
May 26, 09 11:40 AM
Naxx 10
May 24, 09 6:43 PM
OS 10 Last Night
May 23, 09 4:58 PM
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    ...when what you have internally is just not enough.

Welcome to the premier WoW Consulting firm. Your tank, healer or DPS is just not cutting the mustard? Then you need Outsourced!

We are a fun, mostly friendly...RAIDING GUILD!

We will take any level of toons, but do keep in mind we focus on end game raiding.


Recent weeks

Shredlectric, Jun 24, 09 10:59 AM.

    It looks like we're making some good progress in Ulduar, even if our recent adventures into the ancient halls have been a little off. Regaurdless in the past few weeks we've managed to clear the first section consistantly. Next step is downing the 4 gaurdians, read up on it! In other news we've also made progress in 25 man naxx, which is awesome.
    Also I would like to use the chance to personaly appologize to everyone for my lack of participation in the recent weeks. Beleive me when I say I want to be there with you guys cause we rock that stuff. Recent circumstances however have changed the hours I'm availiable. Tuesday and thursday nights I for sure won't be able to make it on untill 10:30 or 10:45. I'll be there when I can, and look forward to downing some raid bosses.

Great work everyone!

Great Night Last Night!

Kulohh, May 29, 09 9:34 AM.
NAxx 10 completed early this week, good job folks! OS 10 with one drake up completed last night, Kudos! Ulduar first boss downed me some sweet wrists! Tonight is prolly's up to esteemed Raid Leader Myudder!

Congrats to all that showed up last night for the kicking of buttness!

We have moved into 39th place with our Twilight Assist last night! On a side note, Mean Girls has slipped into 58th place, LMAO!

Ulduar and Malygos

Kulohh, May 26, 09 11:40 AM.
Spanked the 1st boss of Ulduar, gonna farm him now. Malygos...Malygos...a douchebag! LOL, we will be practicing this guy for a while. He will be downed soon!

Good Work to all the Raiders this past week!


Naxx 10

Kulohh, May 24, 09 6:43 PM.
Finished Naxx 10 last night. No Major problems to speak of...
GOOD JOB poeple!

Ulduar 10 tonight hopefully! Hope to see you all there tonight!

OS 10 Last Night

Kulohh, May 23, 09 4:58 PM.
OS 10 with 1 drake can be done. I have posted the video in forums...our strategy was corrupt...that was my fault. From watching the will be easy the next run. So OS 10 was completed without major issue normally.

Good Job to everyone that was there and especially to the new ppl whom had never been there!

A video for all the undead...

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