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House Glaith
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Roster Updated
Apr 29, 09 5:20 PM
Components of the House
Apr 28, 09 12:29 AM
House Glaith

No war is fought alone, and sometimes Family is all you have.

House Glaith is a Heavy Roleplay guild in Warhammer Online's Phoenix Throne server.

The theme of the guild is a Druchii house in decline, seeking to restore it's former glory. Although House Glaith is a Dark Elf house, the guild is open to all races. Whether as one of Glaith's Bleaktide or Fellsong family nobles, part of the Drannach mercenary company, or an unfortunate slave, we have room in our story for you.

Roster Updated

tragedyjones, Apr 29, 09 5:20 PM.
I updated our Roster, both positions filled AND positions needed.

Components of the House

tragedyjones, Apr 28, 09 12:29 AM.
While the Guild comprised House Glaith, it is more than just those members of Druchii nobility.

Here are the subcomponents of the Guild

Bleaktides – The core family of House Glaith, the Bleaktides are few in number. Norenseth is the eldest living Blacktide at 636 years of age, with Maledon 616 years. It is possible there are other cousins or younger siblings that they never truly spent much time with.

Drannach Company – A military unit in service to House Glaith before their fall. It is comprised of Bleaktides, human and greenskin mercenaries and other Druchii. Maledon was once the Hanil Khar of the unit, but now he merely finances the company, which is more akin to a symbiotic mercenary company.

Fellsongs – The other primary family unit within House Glaith, the Fellsongs were renowned for their frequency as Sorceresses and priestesses. Where Bleaktides were more likely to be secular and warrior oriented, Fellsongs are more prone to mysticism, magic, and religious devotion.

Slaves and Servants – The final primary category of those in House Glaith's retinue are slaves, whethr man or greenskin, and servants. While treated poorly overall, the slaves are a vastly important part of the effort in the war and the reclamation of honor.

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