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Fate's Call
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Fate's Call was created on January 16, 2009. We are one of the last original (server day one) guilds active on Borean Tundra.

The idea behind FC was one to create a place for "mature" World of Warcraft players. No, not just for old people lol, but a place for players who have kids and/or are married. Or people who are serious about school but still want to raid in end game. In short; we created a guild for members who have real lives.

We are Hardcore Players who don't have Hardcore time.... Welcome!

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We have moved!

EnnaFTW!, Sep 22, 09 8:44 AM.
Please visit for current guild information and to app.

We fell asleep before KT, literally. Lol.

soulbash2k, May 12, 09 7:47 PM.
Well if a picture is worth a thousand words....a screenshot has to be worth at least a few.

Basically our night went something like.....

This also made me realize I've never taken a screenshot of our KT kills.....must fix this next run.

Naxx lol

soulbash2k, May 1, 09 10:48 AM.
Didn't get any screenshots, was too busy lol'ing.  Great job to the guild on another fun/succesful run of Naxx last night.

We'll be finishing the run this Sunday.

Much <3 to all of FC.
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