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Welcome to Aces Over Kings. Please enjoy what we have established as a guild and help to make this a guild that supports one another in game and out.

Hey everyone check out Jenesis looking like a complete fuckward in the members only forums

Handee, Jan 17, 11 4:17 PM.
I put it there so he will be even more pissed off when he looks for it :)

Barrf, guild leader of Aces Over Kings (Thelanis) chats with a Legion member

Handee, Aug 11, 10 4:52 PM.
(Tell): You tell sarcosoul, 'hey i heard about that guild legion, thats the guild that was destroyed by the Aces Over Kings guys on the other server, wow what a brutal thread that was'

(Tell): Sarcosoul tells you, 'enjoy your time off'

(Tell): You tell Sarcosoul, 'time off? for what i was just saying that it was brutal i didnt know that was a crime'

(Tell): You tell Sarcosoul, 'actually i checked u out on your the thelanis servers and was interested in joining legion for a day, that still cost 25 mana pots?'

The Denxien Story

Handee, Aug 6, 10 7:09 PM.
After joining a littany group and kindly baiting Denxien he decides to change the subject because the group was getting pissed at him for swearing at me, so he says that he doesnt understand the story of Ka Tan from Littany:

(Party): [To Party] its a pretty easy storyline would u like me to explain it to you denxien?

He says: Yes Heffty

I start it off normal....then I embelish :)

(Party): [To Party] he was one of the abbots minions

(Party): [To Party] basically katan was an arcane archer and wasnt as good as the other minions so instead of having special powers he was left alone to pew pew his way around stormreach and the other bosses laughed at him so he became angry

He says: Yeah we will see who has more kills

(Party): [To Party] so thats why he is in here he finally gave up his bow but as you can all see he is the doormat of this quest and everyone still laughs at him

(Party): [To Party] katan joined a guild once and the guild hated him as mich as the abbots other minions so they booted him and everyone laughed again

He says : Yeah but in the end he defeats the Abbot right?

(Party): [To Party] nope thats not how the story goes, he was the server joke and tried to speak out on the abbots forums but everyone again laughed at him and so he joined another guild because he was a hero to that guild because they didnt know any better

Flustered he starts saying something but I interupt

(Party): [To Party] ah bumer i gotta run my guild needs to get together and have a good chuckle over something good luck and destroy that pew pewer like all pew pewer get destroyed

Then I left because I would rather beat my balls into testicle pacncakes with a hammer than play with that douche bag how hasnt seen pussy since his mom gave birth to him.

Emttrant the douche

Handee, May 14, 10 9:23 AM.
Emttrants facebook page:

(Tell): You tell EMTTRANTSOS, 'james trantham whats up this morning, how are the sales at building 19?

(Tell): Emttrantsos tells you, 'enjoying yourself i see'

(Tell): You tell Emttrantsos, 'i always have a good time man'

(Tell): You tell Emttrantsos, 'hows the storytelling going?'

(Tell): Emttrantsos tells you, 'im sure you do at other peoples expense, but that is just the way you are'

(Tell): You tell Emttrantsos, 'na man its all good, btw who are angela james and amber brandt they look real good'

(Tell): Emttrantsos tells you, 'enjoying facebook freak . .. would it make it easier if i gave you my ssn, since you enjoy stalking me so much'

(Tell): You tell Emttrantsos, 'what are u talking about bud?'

(Tell): Emttrantsos tells you, 'u know what im talkin about, u are a pretty sick person, im fine with this, i find it entertaining, u getting any help?

(Tell): You tell Emttrantsos, 'idk what your talking about, maybe you are just playing though we know u love the drama as much as u like sex in the city 2, lol anyway just thought id say hi to my old friend'

(Tell): You tell Emttrantsos, 'i may be in the New Bedford area and may swing by building 19 to say hi and see if there is any good stuff cheap'

(Tell): Emttrantsos tells you, 'your mother was herethe other day, she's pretty cheap,'

(Tell): You tell Emttrantsos, 'dude lol youre such a jokster. lol, like the time u tried to convice people u were a paramedic who had graduated from college, that was hillariious considering u had dropped out of high school what after our sophmore year?'

hey tarrant suck my fucking dick but try not to choke on my lagre sack

Handee, Mar 15, 10 10:40 AM.

Thanx Pal, good to see you again. Im flattered that you have such an obsession with what I post even when it is completely truthful. Speaking of truthful, maybe next time when u say the ban will come off at 9:00 AM, you could actually take it off at 9:00 AM not at 10:20 AM. I would ask to speak to your boss but we both know you got a pretty good set up over there where there isnt anyone to hold you accountable when you yourself specifically harrass and single people out. Anyway Im off to repsond to the post that was wishing me a happy birthday that I couldnt respond to because somebody likes to flex their forum muscles. /not impressed

[QUOTE=Tarrant]Dear Heffty_Smurf,

You have received an infraction at DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE®: Eberron Unlimited™ Forums.

Reason: Forum Guidelines 1. While participating in the Forums, you must respect the rights of others to participate in the community. To this end you may not harass, defraud, threaten or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other members or Turbine staff. This includes, but is not limited to:  Posting with the intent of provoking another user or users
"you asked the absolutely most noobiest (putting a tm on that word) question of all time lol. All of the noob guilds should form a circle around your toon and make you their leader lol"

This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires.  Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:
[quote][QUOTE=Rossaengland;2819902]See i havent played that long i started a trial a year ago and just left it at that, just picked it back up recently and this was the first time i grouped, thats mainly because i got a life and cant really play that much but thanks for trolling nerd.[/QUOTE]

hey man dont get upset at me because you asked the absolutely most noobiest (putting a tm on that word) question of all time lol. All of the noob guilds should form a circle around your toon and make you their leader lol. Read the comments here, people really thought you were joking thats how bad that question was. Are you kidding me lol "nerd" if your definition of nerd means someone that can figure out what one of the most basic elements to this game and things in general are, then u are correct im a nerd lol.

I can only imagine what you were thinking when people would use the rest shrine and u were sitting there going "hmmm.....i wonder what that pink shrine right next to the rest shrine does? it says resurection shrine, gee wilikers I have no idea what that would mean..." lol. here is a tip when you get to higher levels, and because turbine doesnt want people to feel bad about themselves, they have made it possible for you to do so, if you die and a cleric casts a raise dead spell on you, all u have to do is click accept and you will come back to life, dont recall[/quote]

All the best,
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE®: Eberron Unlimited™ Forums[/QUOTE]

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