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Apr 21, 09 5:30 PM

Welcome to Blood Moon Clan's webpage

Hello to members of our guild and others viewing this page. We are a growing guild, slowly growing but we are getting there :P, personally we prefer to grow in friendship as opposed to numbers, because what it all bottles down to at the end of the day is how close you are with your guild mates which affects the gameplay for all and seriously.... our guild has some crazy laughter which makes it nicer to play, we got that personal feel to it and even though we guild chat we join parties amongst each other so we can see our guild mates while we type, kinda fun when the voice chat is set up :) so we do that a good bit too, brings the bond closer. So anyway i hope by all my ranting you doing think we are a pushover guild :P cause being serious we aint you fuck up yourrrrrrrrr OUT!!! XD yup ill sign off with *Toodles Guildies*

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Blood Moon Clan, Apr 21, 09 5:30 PM.
We are working on getting Raids up and running, we are still fresh at this but some of our members seem to know a few things which we are currently discussing.
If any of you reading this know how to do them and wanna be our Raid co ordinator it would be great if you could comment on this post and or maybe send me(Darkuro) or Eponin a mail in game thanks.

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