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"And the Sons of Disaster"

Is a Weekday Raiding guild becoming newly established on the Dalaran Server. Officers and Higher-ups of the guild have experience in all end content currently available.
With our recent move to Dalaran we are quite lacking in the member base and are recruiting Many members who are experienced or are willing to be taught.

Open Recruitments for Tanks and Healers
(Can aid with gear and Specs, Must be willing to take criticism)

DPS is currently openly recruiting. Spots will become more limited as time goes on and Performance and Attitude will be a large deciding factor on how long your with us.

Please put in an App if you wish to join us. It will be looked over within a few days and we will get back to you in-game.

Other Guild News

Site Finished and Open to Public!

-lK-, Apr 12, 09 3:46 PM.
Well, as a site designer I finally got off my ass and got everything organized on here. I think it turned out pretty well and let me know what you think of my Banner.

Forums will be set up soon.
Also looking for Opinions there. What kind of different forums do we want and will anyone actually use them? I will, but its kind of pointless if only 1 person is huh.

Anyway, here it is.


(I am trying to find a way to get rid of these ads. In other words im gonna try and get some cash scrounged up to pay for the site so it has a sub-domain and everything. So cross your fingers.)
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