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Bloodied Knights
Welcome Everyone to the Bloodied Knights website! 

Bloodied Knights is a Horde guild on the Sisters of Elune server. Our goal is to bring together a group of people who will become a cohesive collection of players, good friends, and those who enjoy the thrill of accomplishment.

As a basic creed, we expect little more than common sense: respect your guild mates, know how to play your class, and be mature. Our main goal in Bloodied Knights is to conquer the PVE adventures in the world of Warcraft. As we mature and grow, we will be conducting more raids and ask for more from our raiders. Along the way, we will work together on quests and dungeons as well as on continuing advancement as players and as members of our respective classes and professions. While we may focus on PVE, everyone is free to focus on what they enjoy; whether that may be crushing the alliance in PVP or role-playing with friends.

Be advised that if you’re looking for a free ride I.E power –leveling, free items, and/or “can someone run me through a dungeon” Bloodied Knights is not the guild for you. We’re all here to have fun in the world of Warcraft, anyone who plays their class well and shows initiative will have plenty of people who want to help them. But if you’re looking to leech off the guild and our members go back to the alliance.

To apply, contact (Idain, Shiena, Boccob, Crusades, Celincus, Nishua, Pelor) or take a look in our recruitment forum for more information.

Guild Charter

Our members aren’t to act be abusive to anyone in or out of the guild. Swearing, potty humor, adult oriented conversation is allowed in guild chat, with the following premises; no name calling, no berating other guild members. There will not be any elitist behavior, including putting someone down due to their gear, level or rank or general abuse against another player. The topics of religion, race, politics, baby/children hating or anything else extremely vulgar or offensive will be kept out of guild chat.

We do not allow gold farmers, ninjas or loot whores.

Loot Policy

Loot will go Main Spec rolls first, and then Off Spec rolls on epic items, unless it is passed on by all in group or raid party. In cases of confusion or mis-rolls the loot master will use common sense to avoid a DPS taking a Heal item or vice versa. If item is passed on it will be disenchanted if BOP, if the item is BOE it will be put in the Guild Bank. The guild leader will give these items out on request after seeing the character’s current item, etc.

Guild Hierarchy

Big Sexy - Guild Leader

Officer- Player who puts extra time into the guild

Core Raider- Player with designated raid spot (will be on time for events, consumables, repaired, ready to go)

Casual Raider- when online and raid spot open get first chance

Knight- not interested in raiding or not up to level 80

Recruit- new guild member

Alt- player’s alts

*Other various ranks are made for specific players in guild

Other Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Celinicus, Apr 10, 09 5:40 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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