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Apr 6, 09 12:37 PM
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Welcome to OverKastLS!

LS-EGLS on Diabolos Server in FFXI.

Event's-Sky Dyna Limbus + various other events inc hnm etc on "Optional Days"

Are you fed up roling into Endgame events with ls leaders who have simply no idea what theyre doing?

Are you fed up spending hours of your time on events that never seem to end, and if they do, miserably!

Are you fed up loosing exp by the Shit-tonne, not getting gear you need when you deserve it? and are you fed up with me asking you if your'e fed up!?

Join OverKastLS, our leaders are experienced, and if ur crap, were gonna tell ya, and we're gonna help YOU! that's right, we'll help you.

At OverKastLS we offer support to members who may sometimes struggle in endgame either with inexperience or stratedgy or simple noobness,lol!. if youre looking to start endgame or simply find a better shell, this is the place for you, not only do we know what were doing, new members not as experienced as ourselves are taught how to conduct themselves and there jobs in endgame roles, how we opperate, and how we become 1 of the best LS on our server.
 A frequent attendee to our EG event's will soon become a knowledgeable Endgame player usually with alot else to show for it, our lotting is done on a simple reward system where ull only lot if youve worked harder in that particular event than others regularly and are able to weild the armor u need. leaders and the LS leader himself are treated no different to a member when drops are concerned and the weeks events are scheduled by pole on the ls site, by this i mean you will vote for which areas of dyna etc u wish to run on an event day and which NM's we should target in sky, which hnm we should gather TOD + hunt for etc.
Endgame is often a point where veterans and new 75s often feel they need to grind through to get what gear they want for there jobs, however at OverKastLS we try to stay enthusiastic about the fact we ALL run this LS as a goup and make it as fun and enjoyable as we can for EVERYONE!!

So!, Are you an Enthusiastic Team Player?
If so start calling this home and join in on the fun, it will be a long ride but endgame CAN be fun!!!


l@k@!!, Apr 6, 09 12:37 PM.
Times posted on home page.

Looking for all jobs.

Dynamis Access
Sky/CoP 3.5 /yes please
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