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Welcome to Ashes of the Phoenix Official Website!

Currently we are looking for new members that are dedicated to raiding. We have cleared Naxx 10 and are currently running with two groups. We have cleared OS and VOA, which are both on farm status. 
We are in need of a few healers, dps and few tanks(Pls see the Now Recruiting on the right of this page) to complete our effort towards guild 25 man content. Current raiding time is 9pm-12:15am server time. If you are interested, please send an in game mail to Darfor or Scarp to consideration. Your query will be answered promptly or go our forums application pls.

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ladyace11770, Apr 1, 09 8:53 PM.
Just waiting for guild pic to be submitted
Game News
Now Recruiting
Tanks - 2 (ideally warr/pally/druid)
Hunter - 1
Mage - 1
DPS Sham - 1
Healers - 2 (ideally shams)

For all apps go to
forum apps pls
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