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Welcome to DeathKnight Hero!

First all of we the (GM and officers) would like to thank all of you for joinging, we hope your time with us is a fun filled, exciting adventure as we journey through the new content together. We are looking forward to getting to know each of you in the game and hopefully do a few runs together.

Some of you probably already know one or 2 people in the guild whether its in real life or perhaps maybe in different guild. But for some it may be they're new to the game, server ect. That is why we encourage you to be active not only ingame but on the website as well. If you see someone posting for help please take the time to respond to them noone likes to be ignored, that time you spend together not only betters the guild progression, but may give someone to ask for help when you need it.

What do you expect from your guildmembers?

We expect that everyone be treated with repsect. We understand that there is going to be differences, different opinions, thats fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. All we ask is that you take it to whisper. DO Not bring the drama in guildchat. Drama will not be tolerated, if there is one or more people causing issues in guild or with other members you will be booted No Exceptions!

Guild Bank

Guild bank is a previlage and can be taken away from at anytime if  the GM or Officers sees it being abused by anybody. You are allowed 3 item withdarwls perday, all we ask is that you donate and if you take something out, replace it. Alot of people just assume that since they have guildbank rights that they can just take anything out at anytime and not replace it, Wrong! To those of you who just take stuff out and are not donating will be BOOTED!


Ranks will be given out by either the GM or Officers as seen fit so please Do Not ask!


Events will be posted on both the calendar ingame and here on the website. IF you sign up for an event and have confirmed it but do not show could possibly lead in either getting you booted from the guild or a demotion. We know that Real Life issues will sometimes come up all we ask is that you let your GM and Officers know ahead of time that way we can fill in your post with someone who wants to go.

What does Guild Progression mean?

The more time you spend helping your guild members with either run, quests, answering questions, the better you are helping the guild get further along. We encourage all of you to group with one another as much as you can. The more time spent in groups with each other the better you be able to know each others moves and anticapate what they are going to do next. We also encourage you to show up for events as often as you can.Cause the more time spent together as a whole group means when we start raiding 10 and 25 man raids we will be able to understand each other.

Guild Leader


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