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Loot council!
Apr 19, 09 2:16 PM
Since we are getting bigger and bigger...
Apr 14, 09 8:33 AM
Nax 25 starting!
Apr 3, 09 6:50 PM
Bigger Everyday
Mar 31, 09 8:47 AM
Welcome guys
Mar 28, 09 12:01 PM
Welcome guys!

Site in the works as the guild also is. Hang in there and throw us pointers on things to fix. Thanks

Its nice to see the faces of people you are raiding with to put a face on that voice you always hear. Put your pic up in gallery please ----->

Our guild is focused on having fun while progressing. We are aiming for core people who want to be there and can learn boss strats and do their part. When you join you are not to expect instant raid status. Its earned through showing up and having enough skill to do your job.

Guild moto: Get shit done.

And most importantly every new raid prostpect must understand

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Loot council!

temika, Apr 19, 09 2:16 PM.
So we talked about it and everyone who didnt bother putting their imput in missed out. We are going to use a Loot Council system. This means that high end items and Ulduar gear is not rolled on and is instead loot counciled to whoever deserves it more and is the biggest upgrade. This does not mean if you have the shittiest gear you will get the item. It also goes by who shows up the most and contributes to the raids.

The basics:
  • Regular items in naxx, OS, Maly are free roll not including weapons/sheilds and trinkets.
  • Weapons and trinkets from those runs are not free roll and get loot counciled.
  • 25 man uld when started will be all loot counciled.

Since we are getting bigger and bigger...

temika, Apr 14, 09 8:33 AM.
As we hoped, we are getting to a larger number of people in the guild. So far the raids have been full of puggers and been a free roll system. When we can finially pull together enough people for a full guild run we want to change from free roll to some kind of loot system. Most people are fimiliar and like DKP with silent auction. If anyone has any questions or concerns about it let an officer know and hopefully we can adress it. I don't know when exactly we will be starting dkp as it all depends how many people show up to the coming raids.

Nax 25 starting!

temika, Apr 3, 09 6:50 PM.
So as we have grown alot in just 1 week, we have naxx now planned to run everyweek. For now it is schedualed for Thursday at 5pm. This means bring your A game, flasks food pots. And most importantly, FROST GEAR & DEADLY BOSS MODS. I dont care if your my brother you will have deadly boss mods. Also get enchanted and gemd up. Temika is a JC and Enchanter as well as others in the guild :)

Also check WOW Calendar for our raid signups and schedual. If interested in getting in on 10 man naxx let ilna or Temika know and we will try to rotate you in. Once enough sign up we can look into a third group.

Bigger Everyday

temika, Mar 31, 09 8:47 AM.
Thats right we are slowly growing everyday. Keep recruiting your friends everyone. Naxx will start shortly.

And for all the keeners here is a website with Ulduar strats for people that want to learn it now

Welcome guys

temika, Mar 28, 09 12:01 PM.
Hey guys! So this is looking like it will be our guild website soon as everything gets fine tuned and we finish setting the guild up. The rules and operations of the guild will be posted and would like feedback and opinions.
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