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Gray shard runs
Apr 1, 09 3:35 PM
Gearing up
Apr 1, 09 10:35 AM
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Welcome to Born In Blood!    
The battlefield lay still.  The soft breeze carrying only the faint calls of distress from those not yet dead.  The ground is scattered with the crumpled and mangled remains of victor and vanquished alike, proving that only Death can lay claim to true victory.  This macabre scene defines one truth, that justice and injustice depend solely on which side of the sword stroke one stands.  It is this hallowed earth, soiled with the blood of friend and foe, that makes us.  From the loins of pain, loss, and death we crawl, for we are all Born In Blood.

Gray shard runs

Vassiliss, Apr 1, 09 3:35 PM.
Amended: Gray shard runs, though acknowledged by gms as an exploit, are still fair game until official in game announcement.  That is all.

Gearing up

Vassiliss, Apr 1, 09 10:35 AM.
Anyone interested in doing shard runs in order to get their T1/T2 shard armor should contact me in game, particularly those who are 75+ and are looking to move towards raiding as some of the higher end T8 raids are going to require folks to be geared to at least a T1 level if not better. Reference the Raiders and Non-Raiders post in the information section for more details. If anyone has any concerns or questions, feel free to contact me in game.

Vassiliss/Dezgra/Tristian (and a bunch of other alts)
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