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First raid
Mar 28, 09 2:28 PM
Ventrilo Info
Mar 23, 09 3:03 PM
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Welcome to Fractured!

Thank you for joining our guild. There's just a few things, that I want to point out about our guild to help make your stay here fun and enjoyable.

First off, we are not in anyway a "Hardcore Raiding" guild. If that's what you're looking for, the door's over there. We are here to play this game and have fun. That must show up and must progress frame-of-mind, creates nothing but drama. We don't deal with drama here, it's a game, not real life. If you can't make it every week, that's not a problem; come and raid with us as you will.

Second, we don't censor guild chat nor vent. Again, we feel that this puts a limit on some enjoyment of the game. We like to talk smack and give each other crap (jokingly), but never ever want to offend anyone. A lot of guildies have families, some children that like to watch them play; if you drop the "F-bomb" you drop it, but don't use it every other word. Be respectful, but still have fun.

Finally, we cannot emphasize enough, we are all here to have fun. No one will ever tell you how to spec or play your toon. Self discovery (and we don't mean anatomically) of playing your class is what drives us to progress. If you need help or have a question about your class, just ask. Most of us have a ton of information and insight on different classes; we will help and assist you the best we can. If one person learns something new or discovers one better way to do something, that helps the guild as a whole, and that's the way we progress effectively and with the most enjoyment.

Again, welcome to Fractured and enjoy yourself, it's just a game after all! :)
Other Guild News

First raid

Missashley., Mar 28, 09 2:28 PM.
Our frst scheduled raid was a small success Friday, March 28. OS (once we took out the drake) went smooth, Naxx 5/15 bosses. So one whole raid and1/3 of a raid pretty nice for our first encounter. We can only get better so do your research!

Ventrilo Info

The_Great_Tank_Astarot, Mar 23, 09 3:03 PM.
If you do not have vent, please go download it. We pay for it to be used, so use it! :)
port: 8056
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