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Mar 23, 09 11:56 AM
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Welcome to Polarity!

About us!

We are a guild on a Horde dominated realm that basically raid as much as possible. We have been around about a month and the whole guild was started by both Firemansam and Coopey. After branching off from the infamous 'Ruthless' both Firemansam and Coopey decided it was time to create a guild not partically for them but to gear some people up on the realm and get going in some raids.

The main idea was to be one of the well known and better guilds of the realm and wanted to achieve this quickly before the Ulduar patch decided to show up. To date we have cleared all 10man content and continue to progress with our 25man team clearing 9/15 in Nax25. Once achieving this we aim to move forward together as a guild and PROGRESS.

We want players in the guild to be dedicated. This is a main aspect that Firemansam and Coopey look for when picking teams for raids etc. We want players that are willing to miss raids to allow for other players to come in. We also offer free enchanting and a range of other proffesions in order to help us progress in the game together and most of all we want to have fun.

If this applies to you then feel free to post on this website or get in contact with us on game and be part of the ever growing Polarity.
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

riley711, Mar 23, 09 11:56 AM.
Next weeks raids will be posted both on here and in game as soon as possible so watch this space!
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