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Welcome to the home of Honour Divine!!!

About the Guild:
  This guild is a very small guild and is looking for new members to help build it into a first-rate guild.  Due to the size of the guild at the moment, there are many opportunities for those that want to help guide and develop a guild.  We also welcome those that just kind of want to do their own thing (i.e. crafters and soloers) and will be happy to provide occasional assistance when needed.  Eventually when we have enough members or can ally ourselves with another guild, we will look into some raid instances for those that are interested in doing that.  Honour Divine is currently allied with one other guild called Enigma and frequently will share events and other activities on the calendar.

How the Guild Works:  
Promotions:  Promotions to Justice will be voted upon by the standing Justices and will require a unanimous decision to promote a member to that level.  Promotions to Counselor and Senior Counselor ranks will be evaluated by the ranks above them and voted on.  A majority of the voting rank is needed to promote a member to that level.  A tie will be counted as a non-majority.  For example, the Justices will evaluate and vote upon any members they feel should be a Senior Counselor and Senior Counselors will evaluate and vote upon any members they feel should be an officer.  All other members will have their rank determined by the criteria listed below in the ranks section.

Justice - The highest rank in the guild and have complete authority over any disputes and decisions within the guild.
Senior Counselor - The second highest rank in the guild,  This rank has the responsibility of maintaining order in the guild and overseeing and assisting with the upkeep of GP(Guild Points).  The Senior Officers will also be responsible for promoting members when they have reached the requirements for a higher rank.
Counselor - The third highest rank in the guild.  Must have at least 3000+ GP to be considered for this rank.
Senior Delegate - Must have attained 3000GP to attain this rank.
Delegate - Must have attained 1500GP to attain this rank.
Junior Delegate - Must have attained 500GP to attain this rank.
Initiate - Must have completed the 2 week probationary period to attain this rank. A member being promoted to this rank must register on the guild website.
Recruit - All new members must complete this probationary period without any issues before being promoted to Initiate.  One member of the guild officers (Justice, Senior Counselor or Counselor) will review the recruits performance at the end of the two week period and determine their promotion to the next rank or removal from the guild.

How to Earn Guild Points(GP):

Guild points may be earned in one of the following ways:

  • Organizing, posting and running a group event (instance, writ run, void shard run, etc) - 100 Points
  • Completing a Heritage Quest - 150 Points
  • Completing writs - 5 Points for every writ completed 
  • Attending a guild sponsored event - 25 Points + an additional 25 points if signed up on the guild calendar more than 24 hours in advance.
  • Volunteering to mentor another guild member for more than 30 minutes - 10GP
  • Recruiting a new member that passes the probationary period - 100GP

Who to Contact:  In game, please contact Gedwyn or any other guild recruiter that happens to be online.  One the guild website, send an e-mail to Gedwyn08.

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