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Recruiting Closed
Oct 12, 05 6:29 AM
Welcome Crusaders of Might
Oct 11, 05 6:45 AM
ZG Instance Dates
Oct 6, 05 3:36 AM
NEW ZG-DKP has now been set up!
Sep 28, 05 11:09 PM
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Welcome To Assassins of Cenarius Website!    

Website is under contruction. If you havent registered yet you will need to do that so you can access the site. On the left hand side of the page click join guild or at the top of the page click new user, fill out the little bit of info, once you do that let Marqeece know so I can update you to use the features.Then once u are registered please add both your main character and alts, and fill out a little of the info like race, class, lvl and gender.


Other Guild News

Recruiting Closed

537330629_Inactive, Oct 12, 05 6:29 AM.
There seems to be some confusion over which players can invite players to the guild. The only players can are allowed to invite are Firefox, Nightsaber, Bloodrain & Marqeece.

We have had some guildies inviting players without asking so for the meantime until Marqeece is back we are demoting players to New Recruit as that is the only rank where guildies dont have invite rights. Once Marqeece is back and we correct the invite rights everyone will be have the correct guild rank restored.

Also the only players we are inviting are names given to us from Nightsaber so if he misses someone please take the matter up with him as Firefox, Bloodrain and Marqeece dont know if they come from Crusaders of Might.

Welcome Crusaders of Might

537330629_Inactive, Oct 11, 05 6:45 AM.
Let me be the first to say welcome Crusaders of Might. As you all would have noticed we recently have had a large influx of new members to our guild and this is due to the fact that the CoM guild merged in with us.

From looking at the guild roster we have alot of hunters and rogues which may cause problems when signing up for instances. Guildies that sign up for the instance but are not seen to be active during the week but just happen to be on for the raid will lose there spot to another player of the same class.

What will happen is the next player of the same class that signed up will be allowed to take that players place. We dont want guildies that only play when we do instances as thats not fair to the rest of the players that put time and effort in during the week.

Also you will have noticed I have put the next 5 weeks ZG raids up in the calender. Please dont sign up the following weeks raid till we have completed the current weeks run.

There is a thread on the forums for guildies to post up ideas on what day and time we should run a second ZG as some players cant make it weekends to play.

ZG Instance Dates

537330629_Inactive, Oct 6, 05 3:36 AM.

As every one will know by now the Triumvrate guild has been disbanded and the members which made up that guild have gone there seperate ways. Since this has happened we are reverting back to Assassin of Cenarius.

We are currently discussing runing ZG until we have a big enough member base to run MC. So far we are only going to run once a week which will be Saturdays 6pm server time starting as of 8th October 2005.

It will be a sign up event the same as MC so please sign up as it is only a 20 person instance and places will fill fast.

NEW ZG-DKP has now been set up!

537331158_Inactive, Sep 28, 05 11:09 PM.
As of 09/28/05 a DKP system for ZG has been set up. Andrearay has graciously offered his services to monitor and administer the system. We will work on a similar DKP website like the one we use for MC to track down the points, but for now it will be manually handled by Andrearay.

This will be a SEPERATE DKP system to MC, but will operate quite similar to it.
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