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House Lasombra
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the Sabbat is founded on two basic principles: Freedom and Loyalty. Each member is taught that she is part of a larger reality in which her life is dependent on those with whom she is Bonded. The Sabbat also teaches new members that it is their responsibility to become as strong as possible in order to be effective warriors, they must hone their skills through contest and battle.

The Sabbat has very firm beliefs about all outsiders. Sect members are known for their distinct separation of everyone into a categorization of "us or them". To the Sabbat, all non-Sabbat are "them", regardless of whether "they" are Vampires, Lupines, Mortals, or whatever. The Sabbat does have a few allies, but the Sect cooperates only to a limited degree, and only when it is to the Sabbat's advantage.

Conflict within the Sect is dealt with through Monomacy, a dual, fought within the Arena. The winner wins the conflict and the respect of the loser. The Challenger sends the offender a challenge which must be promptly accepted or denied. If a Sabbat denies a challenge, no one may force a Sabbat to accept a challenge, If the offender subsequently takes an action deemed harmful to the sect, the Sabbat's superior will remove the members title an right to lead.

It is a Sabbat belief that anyone who is not serving the Sabbat is serving the Enamy and must be converted or destroyed. The Sabbat continues to plan and raise siege against the World in hopes of achieving this end. The Sabbat's primary goals include destruction of Hero's, Lord Recluse, and Any that stand in it's way


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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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