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Welcome to the Booty Bay Merchant Co. Site.  Our goal is to be a helpful and friendly guild and provide players of all levels and classes a place to call home.  Please take a moment to sign up for the site, and as always, happy hunting!  -Vekna
Other Guild News

New Ranking System and Guild Vault Info

Kujjin, Mar 8, 09 6:23 PM.
As you all know we have had some major trouble with bank robbers in the past. the Wardroom (Officers) has came up with a new system that has been taken into effect immediately.

All personnel must ask officers for anything inside the guild vault.

New names were added for the ranks in the guild.

- Swab (New Members)

- Deckhand (Experienced Members)

- Ole' Salt (Veterans to the Guild)

- Buccaneer (Member that Represents the Guild in Raids)

- Warrant Officer (Bank Vendor)

- Raid Captain ( Runs and sets up Raids)

- First Mate (GM ALT)

- Admiral (Guild Master) 

Thus the Booty Bay Merchant Co. begins its trek toward greatness!

Vakna, Mar 6, 09 7:18 PM.
If you have any good pics of your character, please place them in the member pic folder.  A lot of beggars and potential guild robbers have joined our ranks lately.  A lot of upcoming changes within the guild on the site will try to eliminate that problem. 
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