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Guild Roster
Character NameGP UserLevelRaceClassSub-ClassSub-Class 2
amyleaAmy_Lee Human Paladin None None 
amyleahAmy_Lee Human Bard None None 
amyleeAmy_Lee Human Cleric None None 
AmyleiAmy_Lee Drow Sorcerer None None 
amyliAmy_Lee Drow Rogue None None 
CurinJohncs Drow ClericNoneNone 
LizaaToof-DDO Human Barbarian None None 
mikeyy roost1 Drow Sorcerer None None 
nightghostroost1 Halfling Rogue None None 
roostroost1 Warforged Barbarian None None 
scalerroost1 Dwarf Barbarian None None 
Sharamus DeepgardeMalcolm6913Dwarf Rogue Barbarian Barbarian 
Shybeesisterjinx16Halfling MonkNoneNone 
Shybrightsisterjinx Drow Bard None None 
Shyly sisterjinx Warforged Wizard None None 
Shylyheals Repairsnbuffssisterjinx Warforged Cleric Sorcerer None 
tinwizroost1 Warforged WizardNoneNone 
ToasterovenJohncs Warforged RogueNoneNone 
tokoroost1 Halfling MonkNoneNone 
XelliaToof-DDO Drow Sorcerer None None 
xJohnxJohncs Warforged WizardNoneNone 
Xtermi MountainkeeperMalcolm695Warforged Fighter Fighter Fighter 

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