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16th Rebel Operations Group
The Forging of a Council
Feb 19, 09 8:11 PM
A War with Sydi!
Feb 19, 09 8:07 PM

The 16th Rebel Operations Group

At the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance has turned to options that they feared the most. Could it be, that one day they would allow a unit to be created, so elite, so specialized, that even mercenaries and smugglers who are willing to fight for the banner of the Rebellion would be able to join?

Indeed, that day has risen upon us. Admiral Ackbar, first in command of the Rebel Alliance Naval and Ground forces, authorized the created of the 16th Rebel Operations Group, a unit that would be led by war hero General 'Bendek Kelborne.



The Forging of a Council

Yatesnd, Feb 19, 09 8:11 PM.
Though the story is developing, there have been brief talks about the commander of the 16th R.O.G. being the chair of some sort of council, possibly a Rebel Command Council. Today, we recieved an interview from an Imperial Surveillance Officer stating they were able to pick up three words from a conversation between General Kelborne and the commanding officer of a Rebel Reconnaissance Unit, Commander Blikk. Those three words were "Command Council Alpha." We do not know the meaning or purpose of these words, but we are sure that they may hold to importance in the future.

..More to come!

A War with Sydi!

Yatesnd, Feb 19, 09 8:07 PM.
"Grab your rifles, carbines, whatever, we hit the swoops in five!" General Kelborne yelled recently as Rebel Command forwarded him a holocron stating that the Rebel unit was now officially at war with the unit 'Sydi (Imperial) as well as -Sydi (Mercenary-Spynet-Bounty). -Sydi has recently declared that that they have activated bounties on all 16th R.O.G. members and will kill on sight. No comment from the enemy Imperial unit, however, it is commonly known that the Empire is working through the mercenary unit. 

Minor outbreaks occured yesterday as a mercenary from -Sydi entered the starport in Mos Eisley, pointed at the group of soldiers from the 16th, and opened fire. The 16th was easily the victor and the mercenary stated he was sent into the star port to take the soldiers out by Col. Hebri of the Imperial unit 'Sydi.

..More to come.
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