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Welcome to the website of Templars of Arathor!

Templars of Arathor (ToA) is an open and universal World of Warcraft guild on the European Arathor realm for players who believe, that playing WoW as a member of a community can be more fun by far than playing it alone.

Are you looking for a community where you can always find company for a quest, a battleground or assistance in leveling your tradeskills or someone to craft an important item for you?

Then look no further!

ToA awaits all characters on Arathor regardless the level, class or race of the character or the nationality or age of the player.

Should you be interested please apply for membership here on the website (click [New User] above, or if you are already registered click [Join this Guild] under Site Pages), or contact any of our members in-game!

Since this site is still under construction please check back soon fore information about guild codes, activity plans and such.

In the meantime please feel free to vote or leave comments in the forums!
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