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Drunken Druids Council
Guild Meeting
Feb 22, 09 4:51 PM
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Welcome to the Den of the Drunken Druids Council

In our vain search for a well rounded Guild we found most Guilds seem to concentrate mostly just one or two aspects of the game; Leveling and Instances, Battlegrounds and Arenas, RP, Raids, or Social.  Our search for the guild that was all of these things and had a helpful, social, and friendly crowd, ended up being fruitless and frustrating.  We do not expect everyone in the guild to do everything there is to do, our goal is to create a place where anyone can get everything they want out of only one guild.  A place to really call home on Kirin Tor.

Our personal philosophy and therefore in turn, the Guild's ~ A Guild should be about it's members.  It is not something that should be about just it's Guild Leader and/or Officers.  Everyone, regardless of Title is really just a member of the Guild.  The Officers just have much more responsibility to the other members.   In any level of membership, if you have an idea or suggestion that you think would make things run smoother, would help you accomplish your own goals, might help others or would just plain be fun, please speak up, we would love to hear what you have in mind.  There is a forum just for that purpose or you can write to either of us personally.  (Raevnn or Norythum)  Compliments and complaints are also most welcomed,; please do let us know what you think works and what does not.

Thanks so much for stopping in here at the Den, feel free to find a spot and stick around as long as you want. 

Raevnn and Norythum

To join the guild site click on the link requesting to join at the very top of the page.  And please check out the listings on the Information Tab on the left after you become a member.  Valuable information in there for both those new to WoW and Veterans alike.
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Guild Meeting

Raevnn, Feb 22, 09 4:51 PM.
Guild Meeting Saturday February 28th at 6:00 p.m. SERVER time.  Details here on Event Tab to the right, and also in game Calendar.  Please do your best to attend.  Will be discussing ideas for the guild and we want your opinions please.  Thanks Rae and Nory
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