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Hello and Welcome to the AcidRayne Webpage!
We want to thank and welcome everyone who visits this page.

AcidRayne is a guild who is looking for fun and friendly players. We do NOT accept drama or people who take the game to seriously. Its just a game after all. A past time. To everyone who would like to join, its really simple, log onto Icecrown *Horde* and you can whisper anyone in the AcidRayne guild for an invite. They would be happy to have you join.

The names of the Guild Masters are Violentjol and Talesta. If there would be any questions or "trouble" to be dealt with, we would be happy to deal with it.

The guild is still under some construction. We are trying to grow. So Thank you again for stoping to check our page.


The way the guild works:
We are going to try something new. We are offering rewards for certain achievements.

Achievements are:
Reaching Lvl 10= 2 gold
Reaching Lvl 20= 5 gold
Reaching lvl 30= We will buy your mount!
Reaching Lvl40-50-60-70-80= 10 gold

Skills to Pay the Bills:
Grandmaster for Cooking, Fishing and First Aid= 20 gold
Working Day and Night= 10 gold
Complete 250 quests= 8 gold

That is what we will pay you if you reach these achievements in AcidRayne.

Other Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Violentjol, Feb 15, 09 4:43 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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