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The end of DOA

DOA    * 01-10-2006    + 20-02-2010

All items from the guildbank have been taken by guildies or sold at the AH / vendor.
All gold from the guildbank and the gold from sales (3450 g total) has been distributed among all ACCOUNTS who were in the guild on 20-02-2010 and who have been online during the past 30 days. 3450 g / 23 accounts = 150 g per account. If you have multiple characters in the guild, your share has been sent to the first character in alphabetical order.

- Darkrose

Hi everyone,

After reviewing the current state of the guild with the officers, we have come to conclude that DOA is all but dead. So instead of letting the guild linger on we have decided to disband.

We would like to thank everyone for their time in DOA and all the fun we had .

Some practical business:


  • Depositing items in the guildbank has been disabled. No new members can be invited, and nobody can be kicked, promoted or demoted.
  • All tabs of the guild bank are now open to everyone ranked member or above to take 10 items / day / tab. Feel free to take anything you want.
  • All items left in the guildbank by next week (Monday February 15) will be vendored or put in the AH. Any unsold auctions will be vendored as well. Items that can't be vendored (Zul'Gurub Voodoo Dolls for example) will be destroyed. All gold from these sales will be put in the guild bank.
  • The gold in the guildbank will be distributed among all accounts (not individual characters) in the guild. In order for this to go smoothly, please make sure your notes reflect which characters are your alts (alternatively, remove all but one of your characters). If you leave the guild with all characters before gold distribution has taken place, you will not receive any gold.
  • A few days after this any characters still in the guild will be removed. I made an alt named Doaisdead who will remain as the only character in the guild, to make sure there will not be a new guild also called <DOA>.

Any questions can be addressed to me (Darkrose) or my charming assistant Pinkylarue / Yƶda.

Thanks again for the fun times everyone, and fare thee well!

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