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Naxx on Farm
Feb 14, 09 10:11 PM
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We focus and execute.

That isn't meant to be pejorative, simply objective. Everyone is chosen based on how well they can execute their job, their ability to understand social appropriateness, and somewhat on their gear.
1.  If you are wearing pvp gear, you aren't wearing raiding gear.
2.  If you aren't raid dps spec'ed, you probably won't be raiding with us.

We have a very good team concept. One of our best DPS'ers, just took a personal dps hit to get TS aura...why? because it benefits the raid as a whole. Two key players have both been benched at different times simply because we don't have enough space to accomodate both at the same time...but both understand that it's "for the good of the order", and that it isn't personal.

We very rarely have disagreements about loot; in fact, we have instances of deserving people deferring to others and us having to convince them to take it, but *never* public dissent. I occasionally have some whispered chatter about it, but it's academic conversation, not pouting anger.

We do what we do because we like doing it together, without the delays of constant afks, without the constant complaints of "that's not fair, why did he get it", without the use of the word "rape" as a household word... and it works for us. 

Y'all do what you like, we're doing what we like. No magic pre-geared train, and no socialst policies. 
We gear our tank as a priority because if the tank dies, the raid wipes. We gear our healers second, because if the healers die, the tank dies, and the raid wipes. 

We gear for attendance, because the best dps/tank/heal in the world is no good if they aren't there... but we balance attendance with skill, because the best attendance in the world doesn't matter if I can outdps you while tanking, out heal you with health potions, or out-threat you while I'm dps'ing.

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Naxx on Farm

PutinDK, Feb 14, 09 10:11 PM.
We will be working on Malygos this or next week.
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