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Welcome to PvP School

Thank you for visiting PvP School. We hope you enjoy our web page and hope you to get some  help abaut PvP World .

Guild PvP School is a guild which tries to teach the basics of PvP to the players who want to improve themselfs on PvP.As known as the  Arena Games are the most popular PvP ground atm on the game and to get the success in the arena you need at least decent pvp gear.Which goes to the way of battlegrounds which you need to farm honor and get pvp gear.At first our goal is to shorten up 1 hour Wsg matches to 10 minutes ,push 5-0 Arathi Basin games,4-0 Eye of the Storm Matches doninating Strand of the Ancients bg.By successing these goals we can get honor items faster than anyone else and will get our gears upgraded faster which will help us in Arena Matches a lot.

After dominating Battlegrounds and get the pvp gear than we will work on Arena Games.
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