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Feb 12, 09 9:27 AM
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"We the People... in Order to form a more perfect Union..."
 - The Constitution of the United States

27 Oct 2008 - Aett_Thorn asks the general CoX populace, "Would anybody be up for a DC area M&G?"
31 Jan 2009 - Over 40 Heroes and Villains assemble at Dave & Busters in White Flint Mall

The gathered players from all eleven US City of Heroes/Villains servers liked each other so much, we all decided to start a SG with each other. :) The result: Champion server gets overrun by some of the chillest players in spandex!

Membership Requirements:

  1. Residence in the NoVA/MD/DC area is greatly encouraged. Membership will be permitted for players who swear to move here within three months of SG membership.
  2. A relaxed, fun attitude towards the game. This is about the people, not the loot.
  3. Ventrilo/Teamspeak usage encouraged but not required. Extra points to players who sound hawt on comms.
Why are you still reading this? Get with the program! Welcome to the guys an' girlz of the DC area!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Turgenev, Feb 12, 09 9:27 AM.
17 Feb 2009: Okay, the GP site's starting to get some traction now. Join up as an applicant, and I'll add you in as soon as I get a notice! Forums will get built over the next few days, but the Members Forum is live for Cap.Off inducted members now! Feel free to use that!
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