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Stewards of Arnor
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Welcome to Stewards of Arnor
 We are found on the Gladden server of Lord of the Rings Online. We pride ourselves in helping others, regardless of their kin, solo status, or whether or not we will gain XP, etc. We feel that all players should be given a hand whenever possible, and all people should be treated with dignity and respect.

 - History
 Arnor was once the northern equivilent of Gondor. The two kingdoms were founded by the survivors of the sunken continent of Numenor.

 Proud and majestic, these kingdoms worked in tandem to ensure the continued order and peace of Eriador. They were kingdoms of men that equaled the majesty and strength of earlier Elvish and Dwarven realms.

 Arnor fell into ruin as the result of a number of things. Angmar pressed from the north. Gondor was weakening in the south, unable to provide aid. The Elve sand Dwarves had begun to war with one another, and no longer assisted the northern Numenorean kingdom of Arnor against the aggression of the Evils from the far north. Infighting amongst the nobles and the death of their king sounded the death knell of the Northern Kingdom of Arnor.

 Yet the blood line lived on, hidden and secretly defending the denizens of the once powerful nation. These men were to become known as the rangers of the north. Aragorn himself was of this line of kings, carrying within him the blood of the long lost Numenorean kings. This lineage is what qualified Aragorn, son of Arathorn for Kingship over the realm of Gondor.

 As Stewards of Arnor, it is our mission and hope to one day return Arnor to its original glory, and to even, if necessary, conquer Gondor and reclaim Rohan should their kings forget their Numenorean heritage.

Server Maintenance

Blumetal, Feb 23, 09 6:00 AM.
Lotro servers down until 1200 EST today.


Blumetal, Feb 18, 09 3:06 AM.
 Congrats to Ganil for his promotion to kinsman and the awarding of his first medal.


Blumetal, Feb 18, 09 2:50 AM.
 I reccommend that Stewards read Tolkien's Silmarillion. It will greatly enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the game!

New medal added

Blumetal, Feb 13, 09 4:51 PM.
A new medal has been added for defeating an Outcast kin member in a spar.


Blumetal, Feb 10, 09 9:31 AM.
Medals are now available for kin members.
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