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Please understand that by filing a grievance you have read and understood the Conspiracy Guild Rules. Abuse of the grievance system will result in a loss of dkp.

-Get one problem?-
A grievance is defined as a "cause for complaint, especially for unjust treatment." Common sense should be used before making a formal grievance to a Congress Member. The fact that you did not get in a raid in itself or were passed on for loot by itself is not a grievance, there has to be the element of unjust treatment relating to the particular event. Grievances can also include being harassed by members in the guild or other non raid related things. We will try our best to resolve them but we will need a description of the problem in reasonable detail so that we can pursue the problem.

-What should you do?-
Send a PM via ingame  to  Prokrypt or  Amëlicë or any Congress Member about the issue stating the sequence of events which happened and your reason as to why you were treated unfairly. You will be contacted in game as a first option but if he/she cannot get back to you in game, a reply will be given via in-game mail. Do not contact any other Congress about your grievance in game about it as they may be handling other matters, or not yet had the opportunity to read and review your complaint. If the complaint is about an Congress, send a PM with the details of the incident to Prokrypt  and/or Amëlicë  and they will handle the case.

-Things to keep in mind-
Our guild is moving along and we will need everyone's cooperation in looking at the bigger picture. Loot should not be the driving force but maturing into a solid raiding guild. It becomes apparent who is making sacrifices for the betterment of the guild and who is there to cause problems. Let's all strive to help the guild because without acting together, we will not be able to face tougher challenges.

While the decision of the Congress Member is not final, cases will usually be reviewed with other Congress. If you are unsatisfied with the decision of the Congress whom you approach, then Prokrypt and/or Amëlicë will handle any appeals.

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