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Conspiracy (horde side) is a small to medium-sized casual guild, founded in 2007ish. We play World of Warcraft for the experience and comraderie instead of epics and fame. OK, that's a lie, we do like fame. ;)

In other words: if you're a hard-core player that enjoys linking his epics and boasting about how leet you are in pvp, Conspiracy is not for you. We are a (reasonably ;) ) mature group of people. Mature in the sense that we treat eachother with respect, but at the same time have a good time. We also consider ourselves everyone friendly :)

We are a casual raiding guild, which for us means we do want to experience raid content, but don't put as much emphasis on it as hardcore raiding guilds do. We don't require your attendance each and every week. We *do* however ask of you that you come when you've said you will, communicate with us when there's a problem, and don't do things like afk out during raids. Usual raiding days are wednesday, friday and monday nights, and everyone gets a fair shot to attend. Read more about how we handle raiding in the Raids Section.

For Conspiracy, a good time is most important. The ideal member...
- is involved in the guild, and cares about his fellow guildies
- is attentive to other people's feelings and interests
- is willing to be part of a team, and is willing to listen to constructive criticism,
- improvises when the party or raid group needs them to play another role than they were doing
- doesn't whine endlessly when they die, but learns and adapts from the experience

In order to make sure we can keep doing what we're doing, we'd like to encourage the following classes to fill in an application form on our website or contact us ingame (or even out of game): Any Healing Class | DPS(Caster DPS) | Pally Tanks | Warrior Tanks. For a complete list, please get in touch with one of our officers. You're also welcome to apply for the guild if you're something else than the aforementioned classes or level.
Be advised: we have a lot of deathknights so we are not really looking for any more!
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