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                Welcome to the home of the Paragonian Knights!

We are a City of Heroes Super Group located on the Virtue shard of Paragon City.  We dispense justice with extreme prejudice all week long, every week, and enjoy it immensely.  If you find one of us in Paragon, you will likely find more of us nearby, since we all help each other complete missions and find (valuable!) (collectible!) badges.  We are open to and encourage all Archetypes.

Our Knight Lord is Grae Knight, and our Knight Captains are listed on this site.

We are a very active group, and frequently combine our powers for Task Forces and Trials--one or more a week, usually. We sent one of Dr. Vazhilok is personalities to the hospital, made Anti-matter more..."positive," melted so many Winter Lords that the Red River threatened to flood The Hollows, sent Adamaster back to the grave, and learned the Envoy is True Name.  Nearly all of our Knights past level 20 have the Atlas Medallion.

And that is before we get to our exploits in the Abandoned Sewers, where many of our number defeated the Hydra...defeated the Hydra...defeated the Hydra...

Our group is well established, fun, and friendly, but this site is new.  Please take a look around, and come back often as we are updating daily!

If any of us can help you, or you think you id like to become a Paragonian Knight, contact any of us at any time in Paragon City or through this site is communications links.

I am a Paragonian Knight
And Honor is my life

I will always remember who I am
A Friend, A Teacher, A Leader

I will be selfless in my actions
Placing the needs of others before myself

In all that I say and in all that I do
I will bring Honor wherever I go

For I am a Paragonian Knight
And Honor is my life

--"Paragonian Knights Fight for Honor!"

Officer Contact    
Ashen Phoenix (Gravewhisper)
@Becky Thunder
Grae_Knight (Grae Knight)
@Grae Knight / Founder
mistresslaw (Lady Law)
@Lady Law
Pawnn.2 (Pawwn)
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