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Necris (Member) 12/20/2011 1:39 PM EST : Application: Ebony's Twilight

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Hero Name: Ebony's Twilight    
Archetype: Warshade
Global Chat Name: @Lord Necris
Previous SG/VG: Hyperion Force(a while back)
Level: 36
Account Status (VIP, Premium, Free): VIP    
How did you hear about us: The official Virtue forum's SG directory
Why you think you would be a good fit with the Paragonian Knights?: I play lots of alts, and enjoy RPing on most, if not all, of my characters.  I've been looking for a long time for a friendly, stable, active SG for me and my toons, preferably an RP one.  I saw your ad amidst the others in the SG directory and thought I'd come here and check it out.

I've been with CoH for many years now, though I never had a steady subscription until this year due to a couple different reasons.  Recently though that's changed, and I've been absolutely loving my committed and consistent experience with the game now.  I play the game on one toon or another almost every day, and I always seem to be coming up with new alts to roll. 

I'm also an aspiring creative writer for video games, and so you won't have a problem with me suddenly getting bored of a character and leaving.  I get pretty attached to the character that make it past about level 10.

My timezone is CST, and like I said, I'm really on any time of day, especially around 3-8pm.


Grae Knight (SuperAdmin) 12/20/2011 4:07 PM EST : RE: Application: Ebony's Twilight
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Hi thanks for applying. Feel free to add my global and any of the other officers' globals on the About page and we can talk more in-game.



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