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HazMat v3 (Member) 10/19/2011 2:58 PM EST : Application: EmReU Red

HazMat v3
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Hero Name:  EmReU Red
Archetype:  Tech Blaster
Global Chat Name:  HazMat v3
Previous SG/VG:  Paragonian Knights
Level:  50
Account Status (VIP, Premium, Free):  VIP
How did you hear about us:  Returning player, left CoH post CoV, pre Going Rogue.

Why you think you would be a good fit with the Paragonian Knights?:  In truth, I don't know that much about the current PK, but remember my time with you fondly when I was playing.  A friend in CO got me to reinstall CoH now that it went F2P and I returned 'just to see what changes there were'.. damn him.  Now I have the CoH bug again!  And while one 'can' go through the game as an individual, pugging when necessary, nothing beats being part of a good community/SG/VG.. and why see those influence points go to waste.

'Back in the day' my PK main was/is EmReU Red (formerly HazMat v3) and my RK main was Kasperov (who is now thoroughly enjoying working his way over to the light side via the tip system).  I have a couple other chars that will probably survive my 'notgonnaplaythatoneanymore' axe, both tankish, Lorien'Gil and Tarn Vestos.  Lorien will probably find the dark side more to his liking and make his way redside via the tip system at some point.
Lorga, Sniper
To'ken, Powertech

Grae Knight (SuperAdmin) 10/19/2011 3:17 PM EST : RE: Application: EmReU Red
GP User: Grae_Knight
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Welcome back HazMat! Shoot me a tell and global friend me and I will get you reinvited. I think you will like the changes.



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