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About Us
   Founded in 1996 in the Dawn of Online multiplayer gaming, +ShadowKlan+ Prefecture, to the best of our knowledge, was the FIRST PVP "Clan" in an era of only guilds and clubs. We had over 500 members then in "Diablo". We found it funnier to kill players than AI's, thus creating a new world of opportunity and a boost forward in the gaming arena. +ShadowKlan+ was a major influence guiding the direction and evolution of multiplayer co-op gaming to multiplayer adversarial gaming and as far as we know, we are the oldest surviving gaming klan in existance.

   We have a different outlook on our guild than what you will find out there in the gaming arena. Our outlook is simple. Look out for our own. We help the klan, so that the klan can help us. Most guilds out there have an elitist attitude and selfish motives. That couldn't be farther from the truth here. WE GET PEOPLE GEARED and refuse to leave anyone behind.
   We acept all applications meeting the following criteria.
All games: Must me age 18+, and have ventrilo and a mic.
World of warcraft: Must meet above criteria, have all expansions and be lv 75+,
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