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Long long update
Apr 28, 10 2:13 PM
KS30, ZNM again?
Aug 11, 09 3:29 PM
No news is good news?
Jun 25, 09 11:56 PM
ZNM Status
Apr 13, 09 10:03 PM
Iriz Ima Round 2
Feb 11, 09 12:28 PM
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Welcome to ValkyrjaHeim FFXI Linkshell Forums!  Don't eat yellow snow!

ValkyrjaHeim is a social linkshell on Unicorn FFXI server.  We also have various linkshell events during the week such as KS99, Nyzul Isle, ANNM & ZNM.

If you have any inquiries about us, or our events, please contact Starfall in game.

If you are a VH Member and u just registered an account, please /tell me in-game so that we can get you access to Members' Services quickly. :D

Long long update

Starfallz, Apr 28, 10 2:13 PM.
So it's been a long while since I've last added any news to the site so I suppose it's about time.  Since last summer many members have come and gone, and come again on occasion lol...   Anyways, Salvage is going still strong, but we had to drop ZNM's and such due to lack of interest....   Oh well... guess a bunch of us are busy doing things with irl, WoW and ff14 alpha currently.  Also finals are approaching for those of us still in school.

Cya'll in game ^^y

KS30, ZNM again?

LeggyFFXI, Aug 11, 09 3:29 PM.
Lots of KS30s, those cardians go down easy! Starfall is still a lazy bum, but he plans good events so maybe we should keep him around. Congrats to Lilkingb, Katerine, Kevy, and Evilion on their new O-hats. Some talking about starting up ZNM again, just need to pester Star a bit more. My ban was lifted, hurray, thank you to everyone who helped me get back.

No news is good news?

LeggyFFXI, Jun 25, 09 11:56 PM.
Since Starfall is a lazy bum and hasn't posted in awhile, I will! We've stopped doing ZNMs, too many of our people stopped coming. Star is busy running his Salvage group, we do the occasional ANNM, KS30, and whatever tickles our fancy at the moment. Welcome to our new members.
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