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Guild Changes
Apr 10, 13 8:16 AM
FL Rep Farming Coming Soon
Jul 1, 10 10:09 AM
Recruiting Guidlines
Mar 15, 10 5:59 PM
Blood of the Horde web site
Mar 26, 09 5:36 AM
Officer Contact list
aerinegirl (Aerine)
Guild Master-Chisteri
aleximoon (Aleximoon)
Grand Nerdling - Perdita
Blood Master - Ascendant
Nerdling - Phoenix
Jyrissa (Draogn)
Grand Nerdling - Site Coordinator
saiyajin4 (Stomp)
Cow-Kitty Keeper - Stompzilla
Grand Nerdling- Volarie
Grand Nerdling - Voltar
Nerdling - Xapmat
Welcome new members to the BLOOD of the HORDE !

Our goal as a guild is to relax, have fun, work together and form friendships while taking out whatever allies come our way.

We are a casual guild.  We have a range of all levels and gear which enables us the freedom
for all range of WoW gameplay without the pressures or annoyances often experienced in traditional raiding or traditional leveling guilds.

And a final word from Saullen:
I also want to thank each member who chose to make Blood of the Horde their home. As we embark on this journey together, lasting friendships will be formed and bonds will be made.  We will work together to make the Blood of the Horde one of the best guilds to call home. Have fun and be safe on your journeys.

I love you all, guildies.  I hope you come to see what myself and the rest of the guild do.

Other Guild News

Guild Changes

aerinegirl, Apr 10, 13 8:16 AM.
Hey everyone!  In light of fewer members being on at any given time and not wanting the guild to waste away, we're making some big changes!  All members can invite and all classes and levels are welcome.  Plus, instead of being booted for inactivity, toons will be switched to inactive status which will allow them to maintain their guild rep and not have to worry about locating someone who can invite them back.  We are also making changes to the guild bank for guildies to take advantage of.  We are also bringing on new officers who will be able to assist with the growing guild. 

<3 Aerine

FL Rep Farming Coming Soon

saiyajin4, Jul 1, 10 10:09 AM.
Blood of the Horde will begin raiding Firelands trash to farm rep and epic drops. YOu must have an Average Item Level of 346 or higher. We will pug any open slots. Check your calander for these runs.

Loot Rules:
1 Drop per player. This includes patterns and gear. Excemption: If you are the only player with a profession when a recipe droped, you will get it no matter if you have already gotten a drop. Unless you turn it down, this will count as your drop for the run.
You may only roll need for the role you are filling in the raid. Example: If you are a pally duel spec'd prot/ret and you are dpsing this time around, you do not get to roll need on tank gear.

Recruiting Guidlines

saiyajin4, Mar 15, 10 5:59 PM.
We are returning to our former recruiting policy requiring a character to be at least level 30 before being invited to the guild. This is to help us progress from low level content and to ensure that new members are ready for the content that we will be doing.
Please refer requests for guild invites to an Officer.

Blood of the Horde web site

Saullen, Mar 26, 09 5:36 AM.
We are continually updating our web site for our members,
  • In our War Room you will find information, news and our schedule of upcoming raids also we have posted helpful links to Dungeon tips,party roles, and many more helpful links.
  • We now have a Armor sets page which gives a detail list of Dungeon,Tier, PVP and Arena armor sets, also on this page we will be posting information on how to acquire these sets also there will be links posted for gems and enchantments needed per class for end gaming raiding and other helpful links.
  • Our Talent Chic page allows you to research and compare talent points with other level 80 characters
  • In our Guild Progress page you can find the latest raid rankings.
  • we have many more pages for your enjoyment including WOW Armory and a huge Library with many guides to help you with your journeys in Azeroth, we will continue to update our Library and War Room for our members, enjoy and have fun
  • As of April 01/09 we now have a Retaliation page which will have detailed information on Raids, Heroics and 5 man teams.
Guild Lotto

**Blood Lotto is temporarily inactive.  Any funds which were mailed to Bloodlotto have been returned.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Hopefully, Bloodlotto will be up and running again soon.**

News Archives
We have recently cleared our archives. 
Guild Bank
Thanks to StompBay and guild member donations we have bought our 7th bank tab. We also have now saved up enough gold to purchase the 8th tab when we earn our Stay Classy achievement. With the extra gold the bank is now aquiring we have activated Guild Repairs for all members above Cannon Fodder. The daily limit is set at 500g and we our encouraging all guildees to use this repair fund as to move toward the It All Adds Up achievement.
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